Yesterday Michael and I finished the cake for a Pi Day celebration at his school. He requested his new favorite French Vanilla and Devil's Food Zebra cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. I took care of the baking while he was at school. After the cakes had cooled it was time for icing! The nice warm day made for a quick butter/cream cheese softening. However, the same glorious weather did not help our fondant work!!!

My vision was to start in the center on the cake top and have pi going in a circle spilling over the edge and all around the sides, fitting in as many digits as we could. However cutting our numbers was ridiculously hard!! These are the Wilton cutters I have, and I think I may be in the market for a better set real soon! I thought I had seen a bigger sized set at TJMaxx the other day and was tempted to run out and get them.

These Wilton letters are less than an inch and because of the heat the fondant just didn't want to come out! We tried dusting with glitter, refrigerating, dusting with confectioners sugar, sprinkling cornstarch, then we mixed up a batch with Tylose to firm it up and let it harden for about 20 minutes. Still crazy hard to get out. Decided to ponder a solution while we ate dinner and finally decided to modify the cake design and just struggle through. So here is our final cake!

While yesterday was Pi Day, they are having the party today since it is mid term and the teacher wanted to make sure the grades were complete!

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