Friday, March 23, 2012

Tomorrow is the Sons of Norway Open House.  Since we are newish to the group, I wasn't sure if it was just to showcase Norway or if all member Nordic Countries would be represented at the Open House.  I asked about it and let's just say it was made clear it was primarily about Norway but if I wanted I could bring some Finnish cookies for the food table!

Well!  I may be biased, but Finnish baking is delicious!  However I couldn't think of what kind of cookie to make that would be light and tasty during this warm spring.  All my favorite cookies are more suited for the cold Christmas season.

I looked online and checked my Finnish cook books and decided to try one based on the ingredients on hand and ease since I am picking Michael up early form school so we can go see the Hunger Games.

I decided to try making Hannat√§dinkakut, or Aunt Hanna's Cookies.  Well let me tell you if I knew Aunt Hanna made such delicious cookies, I would have invited her to my house a lot sooner!

Hardest thing about making these cookies?? Waiting for the butter to soften.  I put a stick out on the terrace to soften in the sun, forgetting Miss Sandy was out there!  Needless to say, I had to start over with a new stick!

Batch of dough ready for scooping!

First Batch fresh out of the oven!  Hard waiting for them to cool, I want to try one now!

They smelled so good, I made a cup of coffee to enjoy with them!
Snork Maiden approved!

I doubled the batch and got over 150 cookies!  I think they will be perfect and do a fine job of representing Finnish baking for the Open House tomorrow!

If you are in the Roanoke area and want to try some of my delicious cookies, come on down to the College Lutheran Church, Salem VA on Saturday March 24 from 3-5pm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I gotta say this blog looks boring!!!! I better figure out how to add some graphics or jazz it up a bit!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome!!! Terve!!!

Finally I decided to take some time to get a blog going!  I have been mulling it over in my brain for quite awhile, but kept letting the details bog me down.

Since I have many interests these days, I decided it was best just to do one blog where I can share my love of cake decorating, crafts I am wokrign on and my struggles as I try to build my business and/or get a real job! Hence the title!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MMMMmmmm, as I sit here working on my new blog, a delicious smell wafts in from the kitchen! Today is Pi Day, so guess what I am baking???  A pie, perhaps?   No!!! I prefer cakes!  But it will definitely be a cake for pi day!